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Improve basic efficiency -
all the time.

Think as simply and
directly as possible about
what you are trying to do
and why.

Robert Heller – The
Business of Winning

Succeeding - by
going against the

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”
- Leonardo Da Vinci

Be willing to abandon your
old ideas if someone comes
up with something new and better.

Threat or an Opportunity to Re-design?

It depends on how well you adapt to the new business environment.
It is always easy to adapt to an environment of free spending and growth, but when the economy makes a U-turn; the rules of the game change.

The new reality requires us to change the way we plan, do and become.

The global crisis has changed the rules of business as we know it. If we are expecting to return to the good days of pre 2008 anytime soon then we are going to be disappointed.

The good news is that opportunities still exists in different forms. Those who analyze the situation correctly, adapt their strategy and tactics will emerge much stronger in the next few years.

In the Middle East, there has always been a shortage of talent and every company, at best, has only a handful of stars performers.

The question now is how to strategize and best retain and enable these stars to perform in a challenging environment is one of the keys to success.

Great companies are not built by committees and compromised decisions, they are not built on business plans and projections, they are built by dreamers and believers with a passion to pursue an idea and gather the people and resources around them to make it a reality.

In a economic downturn, the first step nearly every company decides on is operational and manpower downsizing and retracting from some markets.

The wrong kind of downsizing leads to a loss of talent, damages the corporate culture, damages the trust in the company’s leadership and loses you your key customer and supplier relationships.

All of the things that are expensive or impossible to rebuild later on.

Eventually the recession will come to an end, have you worked out a map to move from recession
to recovery? The question smart companies are asking themselves is ‘How do we build a much better company?’

Smart companies go against the tide and do the exact opposite.

They analyze the situation and capture the grounds their rivals retreat from, by hiring the best talent, improving their internal processes, realigning their markets and redesigning their services and capturing and nurturing underserved customers and dissatisfied suppliers and searching for new market segments.