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Our Approach

(we are different!)

“The practices that
make for success at
one time can trap
firms and contribute to
their downfall at a later

Robert Cole, professor
emeritus, University of
California, Berkeley

T o
g e t   a
d i f f e r e n t
r e s u lt

y o u
h a v e
to  do
t h i n g s

We work with clients who are passionate and committed to create massive improvements and move ahead of their competitors by a large margin.

Our approach is guided by the following principles:

  • We help companies to re-imagine their business. To find out what they are PASSIONATE about and turn that into a winning formula.
  • We assist them to achieve massive improvements to their business.
  • When we fix a problem, it should stay fixed, because we will implement viable solutions to eliminate the root causes of the problems.
  • Integrity and candor with our clients on all aspects of the assignment.
  • Our consultants are experienced industry veterans, not fresh graduates with case study based solutions.


At CORE, our strength lies in dealing with business issues that directly impact productivity and profitability.

We investigate and identify the roots of the problems and develop plans to eliminate them so that an organization can begin reaching its full potential.


Implementation is the Key! Delivering results has always has been our focus.

Ideas and plans, no matter how good, are ineffective; unless put into action correctly and monitored constantly and modified rapidly based on feedback and the operating environment.

We provide practical, result driven business advisory services that allow our clients to rapidly improve their business performance.

Thoughts + Rapid and
Intelligent Actions
= Results