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Tapakis Consulting is an established consulting firm founded in 2004, specialising in strategic marketing and branding strategy formulation.  Creating business excellence is what our history and future is all about. For us, success means helping you achieve excellence for your company through setting and achieving high goals, and to that we commit! Every service and every customer is different and special for us. We commit to demonstrate a practical approach, strong capability of organising, keeping track and controlling the applied strategies with an engagement to exceed expectations. We will use already tested methods and tools we developed through the years, tailor-made to your company's culture and specific needs. We are proud to present our branding tool "Four steps to a successful brand".

Four Steps to a Successful Brand

Thought this tool we can evaluate the norms of your business sector and match make the values of your existing and potential customers.

We start by investigating and defining all of the areas, departments, functions of your organisation and fine-tuning them so as to support the essence of your brand. Our evaluation systems will help you understand your staff’s and customer’s perception of your brand and monitor whether existing or new customers experience the brand the way they are supposed to.

Branding and Rebranding strategy services

Applies to:

Companies that want to provide branded products & services for local or export markets. Developing a branding strategy helps in how your products or services are perceived by your publics. What is important is to link your products or services with your customer’s specific needs and enable them to clearly position the product, service and company in their minds in a common way. Having a clear branding strategy will help customers make decisions and your personnel to set work standards. Our tool “Four steps to a successful brand” is implemented as follows:

Four Steps to a Successful Brand

Stages of Implementation

STEP 1 – SOLUTION: Analysis to help Brand Builders develop the Brand Fingerprint

  • Customer analysis
  • Market analysis
  • Self analysis
  • Brand fingerprint

STEP 2 – INVOLUTION: Behavioural and Communication manuals to enhance Brand Experience

Stakeholder’s involvement

  • Supplier’s standard manuals
  • Staff involvement training manuals
  • Staff job descriptions
  • Designers manuals
  • Customer service manuals
  • Internal & External brand monitoring systems
  • Sales approach manuals

STEP 3 – EVOLUTION: Consistent internal & external brand building program

Brand building programs

  • New trends adaption programs
  • Above & Below the line communication program
  • Customer experience upgrading programs
  • Promotional programs
  • Expansion programs
  • Brand support upgrading programs

STEP 4 – EVOLUTION: Brand promise and experience alignment monitoring

Brand Promise Vs Brand Experience

  • Customer feedback mechanism
  • New market trends monitoring mechanism
  • Competition monitoring mechanism
  • Staff’s Brand support monitoring system


  • Complete brand fingerprint and brand manual (including brand essence, brand position, brand identities, brand character, brand emotional attributes, brand value system)
  • Involution manuals (personnel, suppliers, designer’s, communication, service, etc)
  • Brand seminar to personnel on their new role based on the brand fingerprint
  • Brand monitoring system